Pest And Rodent Control

Pest And Rodent Control


To lay down a standard procedure for pest & rodent control on the premises.


This SOP is applicable for pest and rodent control on the premises.


Representative – Pest Control Agency, Manager – Human Resource & Administration department shall be responsible for following that procedure.


Manager- Human Resource & Administration, Manager- Quality Assurance shall be accountable for the compliance of this SOP.


Pest Control Service Log –   Attachment-I

Rodent Box Inspection Log –  Attachment-II

List Of Rodent Box –   Attachment-III


All pest control activities shall be performed by outside pest control agencies.

The HR Department shall ensure that the pest control activities are being carried out by a competent person and shall maintain relevant documents in relation to the same.

An annual agreement shall be done with the pest control agency.

The pest control agency shall spray the chemicals for controlling crawling / flying insects and rodents.

The pest control activity shall be done once a month in presence of an authorized person from the company.

The pest control agency shall not store any chemical nor shall it be allowed to prepare any chemical compound by mixing chemicals inside the factory premises. The representative from the pest control agency shall bring prepared chemicals as per Table – I and only spray the same at the location identified.


Used forName of the Material
Pest ControlDeltamethrin
Beta Cyfluthrin
Lambda Cyhalothrin
Fipronil Gel
Rodent ControlRodent Boxes
Glue Pads

Pest control and Rodent control shall be done in the non-production area only as per the point mentioned in Table – II.

Table – II

Pest ControlManufacturing Outdoors (Ground floor)Passage, Entry, Drainage
Manufacturing Outdoors (First floor)Passage, Entry, Drainage
Warehouse Outdoors (Second Floor)Passage, Entry, Drainage
Security & Admin OfficePassage, Entry, Drainages
Utility (Maintenance Area)All Corners, Passage, Entry, Drainage
Q.C OutdoorsPassage, Entry, Drainage
SurroundingsAll Corners, Drainages
Rodent ControlSecurity & Admin OfficeMain Entrance
ManufacturingChange Room (Male); Change Room (Female);  RM & PM  receiving & F.G. dispatch bay
Outside Area (First Floor)Emergency Doors

All records of the pest control activities carried out shall be maintained in the ‘Pest Control Service Sheet– Disinfestations’ and Rodent Box Inspection Log.

Head –HR/Nominee shall ensure that all the necessary precautions are undertaken while carrying out the pest control activity.

For the fly control following procedure shall be followed.

Switch ON the Insecticutor and wait for some time, the tube must start glowing and do so continuously.

At day end, the tray shall be taken out from each Insecticutor and the insects found on the tray shall be collected in a polythene bag that shall be sealed and shall be disposed of appropriately outside the factory premises.

The records of cleaning of the trays and the number of insects collected shall be recorded in the Record of Insecticutor.

Rodent Boxes shall be checked for any rodents captured (if any) once in a week as per the ‘Rodent Box Inspection Log’


In House


SOP-Standard Operating Procedure

VIP    – Very Important Person


Quality Assurance

Human Resource & Administration


Version No.Effective DateReason for Revision
00New SOP

Pest Control Service Log

Location: ____________________________________

S. No.DateReagent NameDone byChecked byRemarks

Rodent Box Inspection Log        

Location: __________________________               Rodent Box Id: _________________

DateRodent found (Yes/ No)Cleaned byGlue Pad Replaced

(Yes/ No)

Checked byRemarks

List Of Rodent Box 

S. No.LocationRodent Box Id
 Security & Admin Office
Security & Admin Office
Change Room  (Male)
Change Room  (Male)
Change Room  (Female)
Change Room  (Female)
RM & PM  receiving
F.G. dispatch bay
Outside Area (Second Floor)
Outside Area (Second Floor)