Vibro Sifter and It working principle

Vibro Sifter and It working principle The Vibro Sifter works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. The material is separated based on its particle size. Once the motor gets energized, vibration is caused in the screen/sieve making the material travel across the sieves according to its particle size. Highly effective for screening, scalping, de-dusting, and … Read more

Paste Kettle

Paste Kettle

Paste Kettle A paste Kettle (starch paste kettle) including a tilting paste kettle is designed for paste preparation. Starch Paste Kettle confirms cGMP norms and comprises a jacketed hemispherical bowl with all necessary steam accessories. The design principle of this kettle is the jacket for passing steam in order to melt down the product to … Read more

Disposal of in-process & rejected products


Disposal of in-process & rejected products OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure to describe the steps to be followed for disposal of in-process samples & rejected products during manufacturing. SCOPE: This SOP covers the disposal of in-process samples / rejected products, manufactured.. RESPONSIBILITY: IPQA and Production personnel shall be responsible to follow the procedure mentioned … Read more



JOB RESPONSIBILITIES OBJECTIVE To lay down the Procedure for preparation of Job Responsibilities. PROCEDURE To maintain a satisfactory system of Quality Assurance and manufacturing of drug products, as per cGMP requirements. Total operation is divided into various functions, called Departments. The following are the departments : Warehouse Production Engineering & Utility Quality Control Quality Assurance … Read more

Corrective and preventive action


Corrective and preventive action OBJECTIVE : To lay down a standard procedure for corrective and preventive action(s) system related to product quality/system attributes. PROCEDURE : Definitions: Corrective action: Action is taken to eliminate the root cause of an existing non – conformity, defect, or other undesirable situation in order to prevent a recurrence. Preventive Action: … Read more

Good Documentation Practices


Good Documentation Practices OBJECTIVE: To lay down a procedure to describe the steps to be followed for good documentation practices; and ensure that each personnel receives clear and detailed description of the relevant job assignment to minimize the risk of misinterpretation and error. PROCEDURE : Principle: Good Documentation constitutes an essential part of the Quality … Read more

Product Recall


Product Recall OBJECTIVE: To lay down the Procedure for handling Product Recall. PROCEDURE: Recall: Recall means a firm’s removal of products from the market that considers being adverse reaction or in the case of patient safety, a violation of the law. Withdrawal: Withdrawal means a firm’s withdrawal, removal, or correction of a distributed product from … Read more