Dress Washing, Issue and Control

Dress Washing, Issue, and Control


To lay down a standard procedure for dress washing, issue, and control.


This SOP is applicable to all cleaning for the general dress of employees working.


House Keeping Supervisor/Nominee shall be responsible for following that procedure.


Manager- Human Resource & Administration, Quality Assurance shall be accountable for the compliance of this SOP.


Dress Washing Record                                            – Attachment-I


All the uniforms of plant personnel are as follows:

 QC StaffWhite aprons and white Cap.
 Q.A StaffWhite aprons and white Cap
 Warehouse, Production and P&A staffWhite aprons and white Cap.
 Operators/ Helper (Production/ QC/ Warehouse)Grey aprons & Cap.
 Engineering/ Maintenance Operators/ technicianDark Brown apron and Cap.
 House-keeping personGrey apron and Cap
VisitorsWhite apron with disposable Cap

Two sets of uniforms are issued to all persons working in the company as per the requirement of the job.

On the first working day of the week, the freshly washed uniform is to be worn by employees. After 3 days, the employee shall take a polybag & take the uniform to be washed in it to wash at home.

After washing and ironing, the employee shall take the uniform in a cleaned polybag to the company.

Washing of uniforms for visitors:

Used uniforms of visitors are to be sent for washing on the same days. All the dresses shall hand over to Housekeeping Supervisor/ above for washing purposes.

The Housekeeping Supervisor/ above will count the uniforms and make the entry in Dress washing Record..

The Uniforms have to be taken to the external laundry authorized by the company for the washing and ironing and the details should be entered in the gate pass for the above.

After receiving of the washed dresses, Housekeeping Supervisor/ above have to bring them to the dress store room in the polybag after necessary checking and fill the record


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Dress Washing, Issue, and Control


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