Personnel Hygiene Requirement

Personnel Hygiene Requirement

All employees are advised and encouraged to observe the following guidelines: –

[a]     To wash hands properly.

[b]     To keep hair short and clean at all times. Combing hair is strictly prohibited in GMP areas.

[c]     To keep the nails well-trimmed and cleaned.

[d]     Not to eat or drink in the manufacturing area and laboratory.

[e]     To follow the standard gowning procedure to enter the production area

Changing and rest area:

A separate area is provided for the ladies and gents to enter into the production area.

A specific area is provided for rest and refreshment of the workmen.


Special clothing is designed, which suits the production requirement and comfort of the workman. Clothing is made of lint-free cloth.

Clothing instructions:

A standard operating procedure is provided in the change rooms, which specifies what to wear, when to wear it, and how to wear it. Photographs are also provided in the changing room.

The regular training session is also conducted for gowning and over gowning.