Health Requirements for Personnel Engaged in Production

Health Requirements for Personnel Engaged in Production

The personnel and Administration department is responsible for maintaining the health requirements of all employees.

Pre-employment medical examination

All the employees directly or indirectly associated with production activities are undergoes medical examinations before they join the company. A candidate to be employed in manufacturing areas should be free from:

Any contagious disease/allergies.

He should be physically fit and have correct eyesight.

All employees undergo a Medical Examination at approved hospitals for a full investigation covering the following aspects: –

  • Physical Examination
  • History of present and past ailment, if any
  • Urine analysis
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Blood Grouping
  • Heart checkup, in specific cases as per recommendation by the physician
  • Eyesight and Color Blindness

Routine medical checkup:

Routine medical checkups have been scheduled a minimum of once a year or when required.

Sickness or contact with a sick person must be reported to the HR department before resuming work. 

The reporting system for sick people:

In case of illness, the employee must produce a fitness certificate stating the nature of the illness from the registered doctor.  Personnel and administration in charge study the nature of illness and accordingly, action is taken.