Identification of training needs

Identification of training needs

The training needs of employees are identified by qualification, past experience, personal discussion, and on the basis of day-to-day observation by the respective department heads, with respect to their job responsibility. On the basis of these identified training needs, a complete training program is planned.

For all new recruitment, a set of training for each department is defined.

cGMP training is conducted for both staff and workmen on the following subject:

Workmen are given the following training at the time of their employment.

  1. The ideal working environment in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Hygiene and sanitation.
  3. On-the-job training on the shop floor.
  4. Safety during working.
  5. General discipline and work conduct.

Management staff personnel are given an induction in different departments at the plant at the time of joining. Job-orientated training is given by Departmental Heads.

Examples of In-house training are as follows –

  • cGMP Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Safety Training

Experts in various subjects conduct the above training sessions. Skill development training is given on the job at the work site in the classroom. Motivational training is provided in the classroom by the external or internal facility.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of training:

The effectiveness of training is evaluated by feedback form and by conducting tests/discussions.

Retraining needs are identified by a personal discussion with the employee and on the basis of day-to-day observation by the respective department head.

Brief details of training records

Various records maintained for training are-

  1. Identification of training needs.
  2. Training calendar
  3. Training material.
  4. Training attendance
  5. Evaluation form