Safety and Safety Measures

Safety and Safety Measures


To lay down a standard procedure to aware personnel of safety and safety measures to prevent unforeseen leading to loss or damage to personnel, equipment, and property


This SOP is applicable to all employees for education about safety and safety measures.


Head –All Departments, Manager- Human Resource & Administration shall be responsible for following that procedure.


Manager- QA, Human Resource & Administration shall be accountable for compliance with this SOP.




Concerned department heads identify training needs on safety and it is covered under cGMP/Job training calendar.

The company makes provisions for various safety-related work as:

  • Testing of Pressure Gauges, vacuum gauges, and temperature controllers.
  • Lighting
  • Uniform/ Protective clothing.
  • Personnel protective equipment such as helmets, hand gloves, shoes, etc.
  • Servicing/ testing of firefighting extinguishers.
  • First Aid Box

The company from time to time utilizes the services of various outside agencies to carry out certain specific jobs.

Fire fighting extinguishers are regularly examined/ tested to ensure their suitability to deal with fire.

Cleanliness of workplace, prohibition of smoking inside the workplace, and other measures are taken to prevent the occurrence of fire.

Effluents are treated before their disposal to ensure that they are within the limits prescribed by statutory authorities.

The maintenance department regularly checks the effectiveness and suitability of our air handling and ventilation system for securing and maintaining in every workroom:

Adequate ventilation by the intake of fresh air and circulation through AHU systems.

Temperature is maintained that will secure workers there in reasonable conditions of comfort and prevent injury to health.

The maintenance department regularly checks, maintain,s and provides sufficient and suitable lighting without glare/ reflection/ formation of shadows in order to ensure that it does not cause eye- strain or the risk of accident to any worker.

The company made provisions for yearly health check-ups for all employees.

Personnel working in Stores, Production, and Quality Control are made aware that the following materials are Toxic or Hazardous in nature.

  • Organic solvents
  • Acids
  • Alkalis
  • Inflammable
  • Chemicals

Safety training is given to all the employees in co-ordination with QA & HR department. All the training records should be maintained by QA Department.


In House


cGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

QA     – Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

Human Resource & Administration


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