The operating procedure of the air sampler in Micro department In Pharma

The operating procedure of the air sampler in Micro department In Pharma

To lay down the operating procedure of the air sampler.

This procedure is applicable for microbiological monitoring the air in the production zone with the help of the air sampler.


General cleaning

Clean the surface with a soft cloth, if required, use the detergent once a week.

Charging procedure of battery 

Connect the power unit to the SAS SUPER.

Connect the accumulator to the network.

Fool charging time of the accumulators 14 hours.

Disconnect the battery charger from the device.

Do not charge the battery for more than 24 hours.

Disinfection procedure

Cover the nozzle for sampling with a plastic lid and autoclave at 121 °C for 45 minutes or treated with isopropyl alcohol  70% before using.

Delivering to the sampling area 

Transfer the air sampler and the Petri dish to the sampling area in the container. Instrument and container mast be treated with disinfectant.

Operational procedure

Press the “ON-OFF Switch” button to switch on the instrument.

Wait for few seconds, then “ Start for”  text will appear on the  display.

Ensure that the program “ Start for 1000“ is set on the device. In case of its absence choose the “S. PROG 1000” with the help     of button (Ñ).

Then press “Enter” key to update the program.

Set the Petri dish into the nozzle (without a lid) with the diameter 90 mm.

When installing or removing the Petri dish touch it and elements of the nozzle only to the edges.

Press the “Start” button.

The device will work 5½ minutes (1000 l of the air).

After the signal of the device open the nozzle of the air sampler, take out the Petri dish, close it with a lid and pack into the container.


Ensure that the device is calibrated.

Frequency: оnce a year.


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