Operation of pass box transferring of materials in Microbial lab of Pharma Industry

Operation of pass box. transferring of materials in Microbial lab of Pharma Industry

To lay down the pass-box operation procedure.

This procedure is applicable when passing the material from one room to another using the pass-box.


General cleaning

After use, wipe the inside of the folded-box clean dry rag.

After completing the mechanical cleaning process inside of the appliance and handles disinfectant solution.

Once a week, wipe the internal and external surfaces using detergent and then remove soap residues with a clean dry cloth.

After wet mechanical cleaning is necessary to process the internal and external surface of the unit with a solution of disinfectant.

Material transfer

Make sure the device is connected to the mains.

Switch on the UV lamp for 20 minutes before operation.

For opening the door, turn the knob effortlessly clockwise.

When the door is open, the UV lamp disconnects automatically. The tumbler on the front panel provides UV lamp switch-on / switch-off, where necessary.

Put the material to pass into the chamber pass-box.

Containers with liquids and solids are installed in a vertical position or prevent any pouring or rash.

Spent pipette and utensils after preparing serial dilutions to be immersed in the disinfectant solution and then routed to the pass-box.

Containers with materials containing BPA or suspected its presence served in a pass-box bin or other closed containers.

After the placed material the transfer, close the door of the pass-box.

Then press on the button bell on the front panel, it signalizes that the material can be taken.

Remember that system is provided with interlocking and the second employee is able to take the material only after the door from the other side is locked.

Change the UV lamp after 8000 hours.


User’s manual.


SOP: Standard operating procedure.

QA: Quality Assurance department

UV: ultra violet

ВРА: biological pathogen agent