Safety working in the microbiological laboratory In Pharma

Safety working in the microbiological laboratory In Pharma

Providing a safe work environment to employees.

The personnel of the microbiological laboratory.


To work in the laboratory allowed a person for a recent preliminary medical examination, an introduction, and initial instruction in the workplace on occupational safety, special education, if necessary (including safety), and validation of knowledge and training.

In operation, workers should take place in due course periodic medical examinations, repeated briefings at least 1 time in 3 months, as well as unplanned and targeted instructions.

Laboratory workers, depending on the kind of work should be provided with the following personal protective equipment: suits, slippers, caps, medical gloves, masks, and goggles.

Laboratory workers must use laboratory equipment only for its intended.

Workers must be familiar with the relevant rules of the SOP with the instruments and equipment.

Know the specifics of working with BPA and measures to prevent infection and contamination of the environment of the body.

Know the rules of open fire and flammable substances. Be able to use the primary means of fire.

Keep clean your desk, in good condition and clean equipment, tools, appliances, clothing, footwear, and other.

Cleaning followed by disinfection of premises and workplaces must be done on a strictly defined schedule.

To work with autoclaves, allowed workers, specially trained and have the appropriate license, to be trained and appointed by the head of the company.

Each worker must pass quarterly safety training and semi-annual briefing on fire safety.

Record about undertaking the briefing and checking the knowledge of the instructed person is done in the journal of the installed form.

Safety instructions should be kept at work in the lab.


  1. Safety Instructions.
  2. Logbook to the registration of the briefings on safety.