Vibro Sifter

The Vibro Sifter machine works on the principle of gyratory vibrations. The material is separated based on its particle size. Once the motor gets energized, vibration is caused in the screen/sieve making the material travel across the sieves according to its particle size.

In three different planes, the development of vibration along the vertical axis utilizing a specially designed vibratory motor that meets various output requirements. It causes 100% rotary motion and causes dispersion stirring & amp; stratification of material to sift. Feed material flows in Horizontal movement along with a loop pattern on Vibro screen.

Working Principle of Vibro Sifter

Vibro shifter works on the gyro principle. The word gyro here refers to Gyroscopic motion which is a tendency of a rotating object in order to maintain the orientation of its rotation. In machines, gyratory motion is obtained from specially designed gyro motor, which is fitted underneath the vibrating assembly. A specially designed rugged spring completely isolates this assembly from the base with the help of Gyro-motor. The motor is fitted with eccentric weights present at its as well as base to create centrifugal force. This whole assembly is covered by an SS plate.

Basic Parts of a Vibro Sifter Machine

A vibro sifter is an assembly of many parts/sections. The image below shows a single-layer vibro sifter machine:

A section of vibro sifter machine

                                                             .A section of vibro sifter machine

In short, these are the main sections of a vibrating sifter. Every part plays a significant role in the product separation process.

Salient Features :

  1. Ideal For Gradation & Separation Of Dry Powder, Granules, And Semi Solids / Liquids.
  2. The sieves are suspended on a spring to avoid vibration on the floor.
  3. We can increase the number of decks as per requirement.
  4. Easy Dismantling & Cleaning.
  5. Ball tray arrangement. (For choking of sieves).
  6. Rubber molded sieve as optional.