Receipt and storage of Raw and Packing Materials

Receipt and storage of Raw and Packing Materials


To lay down a procedure for receiving and storing raw material and packing material.


This SOP is applicable to all raw materials and packing materials.


Warehouse Personnel shall be responsible for following the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


Warehouse In-Charge and Quality Assurance Head shall be accountable for compliance with the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


Label “Material Consumption Record

Incoming Register for Packing Material

Incoming Register for Raw Material


After the security staff checks and allows the vehicle to enter the company premises, Warehouse personnel check the documents for the material received according to the invoice. In case of any discrepancy, inform the purchasing department about the necessary rectification.

Check the vendor according to the vendor list (If the material comes from an unapproved vendor, inform Quality Assurance and clarify if the vendor of the material is being accepted. If the vendor of the material is not being accepted, inform the purchasing department and return back the material to the vendor).

Unload the materials in the sections of the Warehouse.

Check the condition of the consignment.

CRITICAL DEFECTS: If the container is damaged in such a way that the material is not protected, send the material back to the supplier. Till the material is sent back, store it in rejected material area.

MAJOR DEFECTS: If there is damage on the external packaging of the container, but the material is protected, isolate the container. Inform QA Head and after taking necessary approval the container should be sampled and analyzed separately. If the quality of the material corresponds to the standards, the material can be repacked into another suitable and similar type of container and relabeled giving the full details of the original labels, with the approval of quality control and quality assurance. Inform the purchasing department about the damage, who in turn will inform the supplier to avoid such damage in the future.

MINOR DEFECTS: Dents on the container and the lid. Accept the material.

De-dust the Container/ bags using a Vacuum cleaner or a dry non-shredding cloth.

Check the weight of the container/bag according to the invoice. Weight must be checked for all containers of API and for excipients the number of containers for weighing is based on statistical method. Ön+1 total number of containers.  If any discrepancy is observed during the receipt, weigh all the containers/bags and inform purchase department, the specialists of which in their turn will tell the supplier and the quantity difference will be in the total stock at the input.

Send the containers into the material quarantine area.

Place the containers/ bags on the pallet.

Sign the invoice and delivery receipt and give a copy back to the transporter.

Enter the details of the packing material in Incoming Register for Packing Material – Attachment-II and details of raw material in Incoming Register for Raw Material – Attachment-III.

Prepare a Goods Receiving Note and send it to QC.

Prepare status card and affix it to the consignment.

Prepare the label “Material Consumption Record” and affix it to the received consignment.

Different material should be placed on separate pallets.

Materials of different batch numbers should be placed separately.

NOTE: In case of receiving the solvent, receive it in the solvent storage area.

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