Procedure of laundry

Procedure of laundry

To lay down the procedure for describing the steps to be followed for laundry the uniform.

This Procedure is applicable to laundry.


Uniforms should be transferred from the production area in special closed plastic bags separately for each section like Packing, core area, and Warehouse.

Clothes should be washed in accordance with the following schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Core area, Tuesday – Packing department, Thursday – QC Dept. and Warehouse.

Received packages with dirty uniforms must be separated into baskets according to the colour of the clothes.

If it is a necessity to use stain remover.

The procedure of mechanical washing:

  1. Load washing into a drum of the washing machine. the maximum load is 25 kg
  2. Pour the necessary quantity of water (40 liters) and add 40 ml of the disinfectant “Terralin protect” (conc.0.1%) directly into the machine.
  3. Adjust the temperature to 30 º C, and set expose time to 15 min.
  4. In case of  Surfanios disinfectant usage  add  100 ml (conc.0.25 % & exposure time 15 min)
  5. Pour off the water after disinfection and start the process of hot washing.

After you finished washing, start the process of rinsing in a spin dryer. This process will take you 7 minutes.

NOTE: the maximum load of spinner is 10 kg of washing.

After you finish washing and rinsing, iron the washed clothes

Washed and ironed clothes are handed to production in special plastic bags for each section.


Annexure – I

The usage of cleaning agents for washing the uniform

Title of chemical material The norm of usage for 1 kg of washing, gm
Washing for the II stage of dirtiness
Detergent “Sarma”, “Ariel”48
Laundry soap10
Stain remover (liquid) – “Ace”, “Sarma”25
Stain remover (dry) – “Ace”20
Bleach (for white uniform) – “Ace”30
Washing for the ІIІ and IV stages of dirtiness
Detergent “Sarma”, “Ariel”60
Laundry soap15
Stain remover (liquid) – “Ace”, “Sarma”35
Stain remover (dry) – “Ace”30
Bleach (for white uniform) – “Ace”50


S. No.Name of DisinfectantConcentration of SolutionExposure Time


DateDayClothe from departmentDisinfectant UsedQty of Disinfectant UsedTimeDone ByChecked By