Tablet Compression Machine, also known as Tablet Press. Series of cams, punches, and rollers make up Rotary Tablet Press, sometimes mechanical devices are added for filling and ejecting Tablets. All the spares are precisely crafted and made from high-quality materials which are corrosion-free and robust. Whether you want to produce vitamin Tablets or Ayurveda Tablets or cosmetic products, whether you need a single station tablet press, single-station /double station, high-speed tablet press, manually operated Tablet press, or a heavy-duty, high-output, automated Tablet press, You can buy tablet press according to your need from our dynamic range of Tablet Press.

Rotary Tablet Press Machine

  • Produces Precise, consistent, and accurate Tablets with Precise weight control technique
  • Easy to operate, provides operator safety
  • Easy and Quick to clean, Hygienic operations
  • A pre-compression facility in High-Speed Tablet machines
  • High-quality material makes the machine corrosion free

Types of Tablet Press Machine

Many varieties of Tablet Press Machine like High-Speed Rotary, Single Side, Double Side, Rotary Tableting Machine, and R&D Machine; all these variants have subtypes too which helps achieve particular production goals.

Tablet Press Features

  • Fully Computerized System
  • PLC-MMI/HMI Control System
  • Turret Fully Electro less Nickel Plating
  • Frequency Drive
  • Force Feeding System – through AC Variable
  • Tablet Press Technical Specification and Capacity

Tablet Press Technical Specification and Capacity

  • No. of Station
  • Type of Tooling
  • Output Tablets / Hour*
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
  • Power