Pharmaceutical Quality Inspection

Pharmaceutical Quality Inspection

A number of advanced pharmaceutical quality Inspections system to help improve process safety, Pharmaceutical product inspection systems inspect products such as tablets, capsules, powders, or liquids, and pharmaceutical package inspection for products packed in bottles, vials, jars, ampules, blister packs, cartons.

Pharmaceutical product inspection systems in the pharmaceutical industry and can be fully integrated into processes for automated inspection or used for manual checks at the end of the line. Whatever production application requires, our equipment is ready to meet the challenge.

The following type of Pharmaceutical products and quality inspection commonly used that is :

  • Checkweighing
  • Metal Detection
  • Vision Inspection
  • Track & Trace

Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

Pharmaceutical check weighers are sophisticated, automatic systems that weigh and reject any products that are out of specification.

Pharma check weighers are accurate enough to spot even the slightest weight change, preventing any overfilled or underfilled product from an acceptable range. Furthermore, they help you comply with industry standards such as FDA 21 CFR and the DSCSA and protect your brand image.

Vision Inspection Systems

Automated quality control of print, labels & packaging

Vision inspection systems for automated quality control of product labeling, information, and packaging in pharmaceutical production. Vision systems also detect irregularities, debris, functional flaws, and printing errors on product packaging and remove them from the production line.

Inspection Type

  • Label Quality Inspection
  • Label Data Inspection
  • Custom Inspection
  • Seal Inspection
  • Cap Inspection

Label Quality Inspection

  • Label Wrinkles
  • Graphical ID
  • Label Placement
  • Label Skew

Label Data Inspection

  • Alpha Numeric
  • 1D/2D Barcode

Cap Inspection

  • Cap Color
  • Transparent Container Fill
  • Cap Skew
  • Cap Presence

Multiple Reject Options

  • Basic Pusher
  • Soft Pusher
  • Air Blast

Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors for Inspecting Tablets, Capsules, and Powders to Seamlessly Meet Compliance Requirements

High-quality Pharma tablet metal detectors are extensively used for online inspection of tablets, Capsules, and separate Metal contaminated products without production disruption from a flow of tablets or capsules. Tablet Metal Detecting Machine provides highly accurate online metal detection which is widely used in various pharmaceutical industries. Hence, its automatic balance, adjustable sensitivity, and excellent performance.

Salient Features:

1) Modular plug-in card system
2) Effective cancellation control
3) Convenient to use
4) User-friendly

Pharmaceutical metal detection systems are a fully integrated “inspect and reject” solution for tablets, capsules, and powdered in production. These metal detectors make compliance easier – capable of detecting and rejecting metal less than 0.3mm in diameter! The compact footprint and low-profile design enable them to occupy smaller spaces in your factory; the robust, quality build provides long-term reliability.

Maximum Sensitivity and Performance

Tuned ultra-high frequency operation with enhanced noise and vibration immunity deliver exceptional sensitivity to consistently detect more metal

Simple to use and Robust Failsafe Design

Proven reliability, easy to use icon-driven touchscreen. Finished in mirror-polished SS with failsafe reject design & reject confirmation as standard

Easy Integration

Flexible system solution with easily dismantled reject assembly, triple axis design allows integration with many tablet presses and dedusters.

Metal Detector – Maximum sensitivity to Fe, Non-Fe & S/S metals

Product Flow – Freefall/Gravity Fed

Product Format – Capsules, Tablets

Track & Trace Solutions

Systems and Software for Compliant Serialization and Aggregation

Serialization with high-precision weighing using FlashCell technology and visual inspection of the product label and artwork. The compact design features a single HMI for intuitive operation.

Maximum Productivity

Minimal manual operator intervention due to automated product handling and sorting options for increased productivity.

Exceptional Product Handling

The transversal adjustment and top-bottom conveyor offer smooth product transfer and handling during the serialization and weighing process.

Software and Control Excellence

Full integration of the check weighing and serialization software on a single HMI for intuitive system operation.