Filling and Capping Machine

Filling and Capping Machine:

Bottle filler capper is commonly usage form of filling machine for filling liquid in different packaging types. Our range of filling machine can fill aqueous solution, foaming liquid, semi viscous solution products. Bottle liquid filler can fill PET, plastic, glass, aluminium, stainless stel, copper and other containers. Bottles, jars, containers & other solid packing types can be filled with adinath bottle filling machines. The basic unit consists of base structure, stainless steel slat conveyor belt, piston pump and filling needles.

The speed of Bottle Filling Machines depends on nature of Liquids, container Diameter, container Height, container Neck Size and fill volume. Machine construction is in fully Stainless-Steel finish including machine frame structure as per cGMP guidelines. Machine with Optional Turn Tables at In-feed and Out-feed stations with individual drives to match the speed of incoming and outgoing bottles for smoother operation.

We manufacture different models suitable to fill 10ml to 1000ml fill volume and is suitable for Round, Oval, Flat or Square Bottles with maximum speed up to 120 Bottles per minute

Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

Application :

Bottle filling capping machine having application to fill Water, wine, oil, spirits, vinegar, sauces, juice concentrates, jams, yogurt, milk, mayonnaise, salad creams, oil, carbonated soft drinks, sparkling wine, honey, jams, oil, pastes, sauces, cosmetic creams, waxes, solvents, inks, alcohol, spirits, bleaches, corrosive liquids, alcohol etc.



Working Principle 

The incoming dry bottles are fed on Stainless Steel slat conveyor by hand. Bottles move further at the required speed of the correct placement below filling unit.

The filling unit consists of filling head, syringes & nozzles uses for filling. Syringes are made of Stainless Steel 316 construction. Bottle Stopper is provided which holds the bottle during filling operation. A sensor is provided for ”No Bottle-No Filling” operation. Syringes are mounted on eccentric block and driving through bottom main gear box. Volume can be increased & decreased by adjusting stroke length of piston. Syringes are having non return valve for sucking & delivering situation to avoid volume variation. Liquid reaches to filling nozzles through silicon transparent pipe. Nozzles are having up & down movement with help of cam mechanism and it go down when star wheel hold the bottle and starts filling when it starts to move up. After completion of filling operation, bottles move on a turn table. When there are couple of bottles on the turn table operator will put cap on to head of the bottle one by one. Further bottles will be transferred to sealing station. Rotating Sealing head will do up & down movement. During its down movement it will perform sealing operations. Dully capped bottles will be collected on out feed turn table.