Entry And Exit Of Personnel In The Plant

Entry And Exit Of Personnel In The Plant


To lay down a standard procedure for the Entry and Exit of personnel in the Plant.


This SOP is applicable to all employees and visitors entering the plant.


Security Guard/ Above, Supervisor/Above – Human Resource & Administration, All employees shall be responsible for following that procedure.


Manager- Human Resource & Administration, Quality Assurance shall be accountable for the  Compliance of this SOP.


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Entry and Exit of Employees:

All the personnel to enter and exit through main gate of the factory.

During entry, show luggage and other things etc. to the security for verification.

No employee will be allowed to enter the factory premises with carrying Tobacco, Cigarettes, Gutkha, Bidi etc.

After the proper verification by the security, proceed towards the reception.

Mark your in time and signature in the Digital punching machine kept near reception.

During office hours, if any employee is going outside the factory premises for official/ personnel work, he/ she has to fill gate pass form.

Entry and Exit for the Visitors:

The person(s), who are not the employee of the company shall be treated as visitor e.g. any trainee, visitor visiting the plant, Govt. official, V.I.P visitors, International Auditors etc.

Visitors are allowed to visit only during General shift timings.

The security person shall identify the visitor and will request to follow entry procedure.

In the entry procedure, entry shall be made in the Visitors Register giving detail of visitor’s e.g. name of visitor, purpose of visit, name of official he/she wants to visit.

Visitor’s Slip, must be issued to the visited person by the security officer/ Security Guard. Then the security guard shall guide the visitor to the way to reception and brief the reception about his/her meeting with the concerned person telephonically.

The receptionist shall inform telephonically to concerned person about the visitor and will guide the visitor to the meeting room.

If any visitor wants to visit the operational area this will be conveyed to Plant head/ General Manager and get the necessary permission by concerned visitor.

To visit the operational area it is necessary that the respective manager must confirm about the visitor to visit their respective department and send a representative to accompany the visitor.

Entry and Exit of External Candidates: (Short term trainees, placement students, consultants etc)

They are authorized to undergo special training for time bound period.

The authorization for the specified period shall be sent to security office to allow these candidates to go to respective department and visitor pass shall not be issued to such candidates but their movement will be watched carefully. However their movement is to be recorded in the register mint. for such candidates.

VIPs / International Auditors/ Govt. officials:

The govt. officials like HSEB, HPCB, Excise, Income tax, labor. Department, Director of Factories, Drug department etc. after disclosing their identity shall be allowed to go inside the factory premises.

The security person shall inform the concerned department / personnel department about the govt. official’s arrival.

The security is generally informed in advance about the visit of VIPs /International Auditors.

The representative of management makes all the formalities of security gate.

The VIP visitor(s)/national & International Auditor(s) vehicles are directed towards Administration Block, where representative of management shall welcome them and accompany them up to the place of their meeting.

Exit Procedure:

After completion of visit, the visitor(s) shall be facilitated to follow the exit procedure.

The management representative shall accompany him/her back to conference room.

The visitor shall deposit the visitor’s slip, dully signed by the Visited officer to the security officer at security office.

General Instructions for the visitors:

The person entering in the warehouse and QC department shall follow SOP related to respective area, if applicable.

However, the person is not allowed to enter in the Production area with the following articles.

Mobile Phones and Camera

Jewelry (Including ear rings/ rings / bangles /neck chain etc.)

Bags/ Briefcase/ Suitcase etc and Transistors

Tiffin Box / any eatable or drinking items

Any other loose article which may cause contamination in production area.


In House


SOP   -Standard Operating Procedure

VIP    – Very Important Person


Quality Assurance

Human Resource & Administration 


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