Tablet Deduster used for

Use a tablet deduster in conjunction with tablet Compression Machine  to clean the tablets.

In the process of tablet compression, dust and other debris or particles accumulate on top of tablet.

when it is  need to remove the dust and debris from the tablets by using a tablet deduster.

Apart from that, you can use the tablet deduster to:

  • Elevate the tablets
  • Polish the tablets
  • Dedusting of the tablets
  • Moving of the tablets

Working principle:

The principle of operation of the tablet deduster is dependent on a vibratory motion that is carefully controlled.

The vibratory motion mechanism depends on an electromagnetic vibrator to produce a mechanical force.

The mechanical force, hence, creates a vibratory motion in the whole body of the machine.

As this happens, tablets from the tableting machine start moving upwards as the dedusting and polishing process continues simultaneously.

Tablet dedusters consist of different components that allow it to perform its functions properly.

Parts of tablet deduster machine

 Parts of tablet deduster machine



Tablet Deduster is made from  Material

Tablet dedusters are made from different types of materials including:

· Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the material that makes the biggest parts of the tablet dedusters.

The stainless nature of stainless steel allows for very minimal to no contamination of the tablets.

· Acrylic

It is a strong material that manufacturers use in the making of the windows of the tablet dedusters.

It is transparent and allows you to see through the window.

 Industries use Tablet Deduster

You can use the tablet deduster in different industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry for removing dust from tablets
  • Cosmetics industry to remove and polish different cosmetic products
  • Chemical industry for extracting excess chemical dusts from chemical tablets and solids
  • Nutraceutical industry
  • Food industry