Dispensing of packing material

Dispensing of packing material


To lay down a procedure for dispensing packing material.


Get the order for a certain packing material at least one day in advance.

The FIFO method has to be used while dispensing packing material.

The packing material should be taken by the workers of the store only after checking the QC approved labels containing the following details:

  1. Name of the material
  2. Batch No
  3. AR No
  4. Signed by
  5. Date

Dispense packing material for one product at the same time to avoid mix-up (avoid dispensing of cartons and labels of similar appearance/color/strength).

The packing materials are to be dispensed only by an authorized store person as per packaging requisition in the presence of the QA and packing supervisor.

Affix-filled labels on the dispensed material. It must contain the following details:

  1. Product Name
  2. Batch No
  3. Name of the material
  4. Item Code
  5. AR No
  6. Quantity dispensed
  7. Dispensing date
  8. Dispensed by
  9. Checked by

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