Dispatch of finished goods

Dispatch of finished goods


To lay down the procedure for dispatching finished goods from the warehouse.


Register of Finished product


When you ensure that the batch is approved by QA and released by Authorized Person, start dispatching as per the order, received from the shipping department.

Prepare the required quantity of corrugated boxes with finished goods.

Check the vehicle before dispatching.

Prepare corresponding documents for dispatch (СOQ, GRN, tax invoice, consignment note)

Before loading the goods ensure that the vehicle is clean and protected from rain and other environmental factors which would affect the product.

Load the boxes in such a way that the identity of the product can be visible from the front side.

Hand over the corresponding documents to the vehicle driver.

Follow the procedure to fill the container completely.

Check the rest of the certain product and then let the vehicle go away.

Put the note in the Finish product register.

Maintain the Finish product register in Excel format, protected by a special password with limited access (Attachment I). Daily backup has to be done by the IT department.

  • QA: Quality Assurance
  • SOP: Standard operating procedure
  • COQ: Certificate of Quality
  • GRN: Goods Receipt note

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