Operating and cleaning procedure of trolley

Operating and cleaning procedure of the trolley

OBJECTIVE: To define the procedure for use (operating and cleaning procedure) of the trolley.

SCOPE: This SOP is applicable to all sections in the formulation.


Production Supervisor: Implementation of SOP.

Workmen: To operate and clean the trolley as per SOP.



The following type of Trolleys is used :

  • Cage trolley
  • platform trolley
  • pallet trolley
  • hydraulic lifting trolley.

Operating :

Check for the cleanliness of the trolley. Re-clean it before use if required.

Load the respective item/material on the trolley.

In the case of the dedicated trolley, don’t take it out of the specified area.

In case of trolley transfer from a dirty area to a clean area, clean the trolley and wheels at the exit point using a dry clean cloth.

Unload the items/material carefully at the required destination.

In the case of a hydraulic lifting trolley, pump the handle to lift the platform & press the bypass clutch/knob to lower the platform.

Cleaning :

Transfer the trolley to the respective washing area.

Mop the trolley from the top, bottom, and handle using a wet cleaning cloth followed by a dry clean cloth.

Clean the wheels using a wet clean cloth.

Perform the oiling of the hydraulic cylinder (if provided) as per the machine manual and wipe with a clean cloth.




SOP  – Standard Operating Procedure.

S&E – Safety & Environment.

QA – Quality Assurance.