Operating and cleaning procedure of the trolley

Operating and cleaning procedure of the trolley

To define the procedure for use (operating and cleaning procedure) of the trolley.


This SOP is applicable to all sections in the formulation.


Production Supervisor – Implementation of SOP

Workmen – To operate and clean the trolley as per SOP.



The following type of Trolleys is used :

  • Cage trolley
  • Platform trolley
  • Pallet trolley
  • Hydraulic lifting trolley

Operating :

Check for the cleanliness of the trolley. Re-clean it before use if required.

Load the respective item/material on the trolley.

In the case of the dedicated trolley, don’t take it out of the specified area.

In case of trolley transfer from a dirty area to a clean area, clean the trolley and wheels at the exit point using a dry clean cloth.

Unload the items/material carefully at the required destination.

In the case of a hydraulic lifting trolley, pump the handle to lift the platform & press the bypass clutch/knob to lower the platform.

Cleaning :

Transfer the trolley to the respective washing area.

Mop the trolley from top, bottom, and handle using a wet cleaning cloth followed by a dry clean cloth.

Clean the wheels using a wet clean cloth.

Perform the oiling of the hydraulic cylinder (if provided) as per the machine manual and wipe with a clean cloth.




  • SOP  – Standard Operating Procedure.
  • S&E – Safety & Environment.
  • QA – Quality Assurance.