Auto cartonator (CP-120)


Automatic Cartoning Machine
Cartoning machine is designed for continuous operation allows high speed operation for greater output. Cartoning machine synchronizes operation in combination with any tube filling, bottling and blister machine. automatic cartoning machine is ideal for packaging of products like blister packs, bottles, vials, pillow packs, etc. It is capable of automatic implementing the processes of pharmaceutical products or other items feeding, package leaflets folding and feeding, carton erecting and feeding, folded leaflets insertion, batch number printing and carton flaps closing. This automatic cartoner is constructed with a stainless steel body and transparent organic glass that enables the operator to well monitor the working process while provides a safe operation, it is certified in accordance with the requirements of GMP standard. Besides, the cartoning machine has safety features of overload protection and emergency stop functions to guarantee the safety of operator. The HMI interface facilitates the cartoning operations.

Functional Description :

The Cartopac 120 is a continuous motion cartoning machine for outputs of up to 120 packs per minute. Tubes, cosmetics, soaps, bottles, ampoules, vials, bearings, blisters and any rigid product can easily be packed on this machine. Multi packs of more than one product can also be handled on the CP-120.

Custom built automatic product infeed systems are readily available to suit your specific needs. Product infeed systems helps you in linking and automating the packaging/production line with the previous machine. Automatic insertion of pre-folded leaflets is available if needed.

Continuous motion barrel loader pushers run alongside the product chain and push the product safely into the open carton. If a carton is missing, the product will not be loaded. An overload safety feature will stop the machine if a fault occurs during loading.