Raw materials retest procedure

Raw materials retest procedure


To establish the retest procedure for the raw material.


This SOP is applicable to the approved raw materials in the Warehouse which must be subjected to retest.


Warehouse Pharmacist and Warehouse Head shall be responsible for compliance with the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


Warehouse Head shall be accountable for compliance with the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


After approval of any raw material, register it in the log book of raw materials, and indicate the re-test date.

Retest should be conducted before the expiry date.

After receiving the re-testing request from QC, move the material to the quarantine area and attach the “Re-test” label.

After receiving the certificate of analysis of the re-testing materials and after  labeling the raw materials with the “Approved” labels by QC department, write the note in the  appropriate log book  and move the material to the “Approved” area.

If the material does not pass the retest, move it to the rejected materials area after labeling by QC staff with appropriate labels and issuing the appropriate certificate of quality.


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  • SOP: Standard operating procedure
  • QA: Quality Assurance department
  • QC: Quality Control


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