Dispensing of additional materials

Dispensing of additional materials


To lay down a procedure for dispensing additional material.


Production personnel must send a filled Additional Material Requirement Note (AMRN) for the necessary additional materials.

The following details have to be entered in the AMRN.

  1. Date
  1. Product name
  1. Batch number
  1. Material name
  1. Material code,
  1. Document number
  1. Unit of measurement
  1. Quantity

AMRN must be requested by the Head of Production, checked by IPQA personnel, and subsequently approved by QA Head.

Warehouse personnel must check all the above details in AMRN.

Dispense the material according to given AR no. and the FIFO system.

Dispense the material as per the current procedure of dispensing.

Enter the AR. No. of dispensed material in the AMRN.

Record the quantity dispensed in the stock ledger.


  • QA: Quality Assurance
  • FIFO: First in first out
  • IPQA: In Process Quality Assurance
  • AR: Analytical report

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