Сleaning schedules

Сleaning schedule


To lay down a standard procedure of cleaning the storage areas.


This SOP is applicable for cleaning the storage areas.


Store and housekeeping personnel shall be responsible to follow the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


Store In-Charge and QA Head shall be accountable for compliance with the procedure mentioned in this SOP.


 Cleaning checklist for storage area.


Clean the floor of the store area twice a day.

Mop the floor with disinfectant solution twice a day.

Empty the waste drums and clean twice a day.

Clean all glass windows/panels with wet cloth and then with dry cloth.

Clean the diffusors and lamps from dust by vacuum cleaner once a week.

Use vacuum cleaner or dry cloth to clean all the powder collected in drums, containers, racks, platform/ pallets and bags.

Mop the walls once a week and the ceiling once a month.

 Immediately clean the storage area whenever there is spillage with disinfectant solution as per the standard procedure.

 Clean the pestoflash twice a day before starting the day’s activity and at the closing hours.

 Note the details concerning cleaning in the cleaning checklist.

Use one disinfectant solution during 15 days, after that change the disinfectant and note the details in the cleaning check list.

Concentration of the disinfectants.


Gigasept Forte12.5 ml of disinfectant in 50 l of water

Terralin Protect 7.5 ml of disinfectant in 50 l of water

 All dilutions must be made with DM water.

Housekeeping workers give disinfectant solution to the workers of the store for one week.

The disinfectant solution is diluted in the beginning of the day and after lunch break. Discard any excess at the end of the shift.

Affix a dully filled status label with the following details.

Name of the disinfectant and concentration

Prepared by (name of the person diluted)

Checked by / Кем проверено.

Date and time of preparation


Quality Assurance Department

Warehouse Department

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